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Stellar Talent & Image is one of the Best Talent and Modeling Agencies in Florida that was created by Pamela Putnam to represent and promote those aspiring to become models, actors, and performers in the entertainment industry.  In addition Stellar Talent & Image is one of the trusted and established Child Modeling Agencies in Tampa, Fl.  Our mission is to Empower, Enlighten, and Connect performers to be stellar in the entertainment industry in the Florida market as well as larger markets of LA, NYC, Atlanta, Miami, and Internationally!

Pamela Putnam, CEO

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HELP!!! My child wants to be in the entertainment industry!


This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from parents! Most parents arrive at this question blindsided by their kids and have no idea whatsoever where this thought came from or why they would ever think of being an actor, model, or any other type of entertainer.

“Don’t they know that Grandpa was a doctor, cousin Bob is an attorney, and Aunt Greta a baker?”  “My child needs a respectable career…something other than being on TV, on a catwalk, or being a performer.”  “Besides, haven’t they seen what happens to “Those People” once they become stars?”

Not to worry, Stellar Talent is here to help your family navigate this sometimes complex and confusing industry!

A parent’s knowledge of the entertainment industry should be their #1 priority regarding their minor children who want to be involved in acting, singing, dancing, and/or modeling on a professional level.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the first steps in getting my child involved in the industry?

When choosing a company to train and work with your child, make sure they have your child’s best interest in mind and are not just looking to add to their bottom line. Ask questions, LOTS of questions.  This will help you have a better understanding of how the company works and what your expectations should be as you work together with them.

Another question that we often get is: “if my child has the look, personality, charisma, etc, is it necessary to pay for acting/modeling lessons, photos, etc.”??

If your child has the “it” factor, YES it IS necessary for you to pay for acting/modeling lessons and photos.  Let me explain.  Your child may be a diamond in the rough, but if there is no one developing them and giving them guidance on what to do, and what not to do, they will remain a diamond in the rough without the possibility of shining brightly and getting the attention of the decision makers who call the shots in the entertainment industry!! They need acting lessons not only for the craft of acting, but also for practical things like, what to do and say on an audition, and other proper business etiquette.  The same is true for modeling.  They need to know what to do/what not to do on a shoot, during a fashion show, how to pose, what to wear, etc.  In order to submit for any type of work in the industry, they are also required to have a recent headshot with a resume and/or composite card.

Do I need to pay an agent to represent my child?

No, no, no, you NEVER pay an agent to represent you. An agent makes money when their client works.  You never pay an agent upfront to represent your child. Period.

If an agent wants to represent my child won’t the agent pay for acting and modeling classes, photos, trips?

No, someone who is interested in your child, will NOT pay for them to go to acting school, take modeling lessons, get headshots, pay for their trips to auditions and whatever else you think they’ll pay for.  Sorry, you will have to invest money in your child to be in this industry, just like if they were playing football, softball, soccer, or any other sport.  There is a cost associated with their hobbies and until they start getting paid for acting/modeling jobs, their acting/modeling is just another hobby.   But, as they continue on, they will begin to be paid well!

Once my child signs with an agency, does that mean he/she will begin working as a model/actor right away??

Although being signed with an agency is a huge step in the right direction, it is only the beginning.  Your child will still need to study, work hard, practice in front of the mirror, and go to numerous auditions. (In addition to maintaining good grades in school)  And, as I mentioned earlier, they will hear a lot more no’s than they will yeses in the beginning.  Being involved in the entertainment industry truly is a marathon, not a sprint!

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