Child Modeling Agencies Tampa fl

The Stellar Talent & Image Agency in Tampa, Florida represents child models (and actors) ages 5 and up, male and female, for a variety of modeling and acting opportunities across the state of Florida.

Our team of Modeling and Acting Coaches, Stylist, and Photographer work together to create Your child’s brand, making them extremely marketable, and providing the tools necessary for their success in the industry!  How do we do that?  Initially thru honest assessment!  You must know what is possible for your child in the entertainment industry and what is also probable!  After their initial consultation, we will then create a development plan for your child as a model and actress in the area of tv commercials, film, runway walk, photo movement, audition techniques and many other practical skills necessary to empower them for success in the industry.  Even though your sole desire for your child may be just to model, we will also prepare them for commercials and other acting jobs.  In doing this, we ultimately create more opportunities for them by making them more marketable to our clients!

If your ultimate desire is for your child to work in bigger markets, we have connections with agencies in many larger cities, both nationally and internationally, where they will have the opportunity to work.  Pamela Putnam, Stellar Talent & Image CEO, has relationships with some of the top agents in   NYC, LA, Atlanta, Tokyo, and Milan where we can connect you.  Your child’s success is our success and as their Mother Agent, we will give you, the parent, guidance, direction, and connections to the right agent/agency in these larger markets.

Because of our knowledge, years of experience in the industry, and our dedication to your child’s success, we are considered one of the best child modeling agencies in Tampa and overall best child modeling agencies in Florida! Whether your child is just getting started in the industry as a model and/or actress, or you are looking to increase their opportunities and exposure to larger markets, we will assist your child and position them to achieve success!

Contact us and take your child’s skills to the next level!


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