Frequently Asked Questions

10 Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How can I be represented  by your modeling agency? 

A) Throughout the year we hold numerous open model calls.  Submit your photo along with email, and parents’ email (if under 18) and we will be in touch!

Q) What are the different categories for models?

A) High Fashion, Commercial Print, Petite, Plus Size, Male, Child, Promotional

Q) What agencies represent male models? 

A) Most modeling agencies represent both male and female models.

Q) Do modeling agencies make their models pay for photoshoots?  

A) Modeling agencies do require their models to have a professional photoshoot for their comp card.  The cost of the  photoshoot is the responsibility of the model.

Q) How to find a good modeling agency?  

A) Do your research! Again, depending on what category of modeling you fit in to will determine which agency is best for you!

Q) How do I get started in modeling without an agency?  

A) A good way to get modeling experience without an agency is to find a local photographer who is just getting started.  Typically the new photographer will not charge for a photoshoot since they are building their resume as well.  Its a win-win for both aspiring model and photographer!

Q) How do I get by child into modeling? 

A) Submit your child’s photo to us online and we will be in touch!

Q) What major modeling agencies specialize in child models? 

A) Most agencies have a child model division.

Q) Do I need to pay for model training if I’ve never been a model?

A) Since the modeling industry is highly competitive, we do recommend training for our mode